From Corry Hanna - "Old Road Gone"

Sister Silk

Smooth as Sister Silk she glides across an eggshell sky
Wings of cloud and emptiness to lay her head upon
Banking on a breath of jasmine honey coated sigh
Fresh as scented moonstone rays that kiss the grass of dawn

Effortless enigma in the droplets of her smile
Carefully abandoned to the wind
Ancient rhythms like the ocean tides that shape her style
Penetrate the surface of her skin

Tracing seven sacred stars and setting them aflame
She floats a spell, aloft ascends a dove
Harboring the secrets of rebirth and death the same
And using them for stepping stones to cross the pool of love

Speaking in forgotten tongues of hope and midnight blue
Jaguar lays his head down on her knee
As she runs her fingers over endless sands of time
Laying down her beauty she is free

I walk down a sandy beach where no footprints have ever tread
The chanting roar of the water playing the rhythm of creation
And I speak in low tones to the spirit of the ocean, the moon and the tides
Here is the mother of all things
From where we came, back to where we return
One ocean ever changing
One ocean ever the same

© 2002 Corry Hanna

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