From Corry Hanna - "Old Road Gone"

Put it Off

Put it off for now
Let it slide 'til later
Take it off your mind
It don't even matter
The moment's all there is
There ain't no tomorrow
Best get all that you can beg steal or borrow now
But if you ain't got the time
Don't commit no crime
Little pal of mine

Every day is just a lesson in survival
The meek inherit nothing
Everyone's a rival
Bliss is at the bottom
Bindle or a bottle
And if it all comes down
Step hard on the throttle
And if you can't pay the bill
Lift it from the till
Head for the hills

First you show up spouting platitudes
Then you start to cop an attitude
How many others did you turn in to save your skin?
How do you live with that?

Put it off for now
Conjure explanations
Know how to play the victim
And milk the situation
Ignore the blinding glare
Of fast approaching headlights
Do whatcha gotta do
To make it through the night
And hey
Don't stop and wonder why
Trees droop and statues cry
When you go by

© 2002 Corry Hanna

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