From Corry Hanna - "Old Road Gone"


Her warm glow attracts me like a planet to the sun
It's not out of choice so much as gravitational
When such a love supernova is lighting up the night
There's no denying something so right

Kyla dreams of you sift softly through my mind
Kyla pure and true like roses on the vine
Kyla like the sun our love forever shines
With such a fine luminescence driving all the darkness from my eyes

She's got a motion that can send me in a trance
All the force of her nature bends and makes my senses dance
Over the waves like a siren she lures me to her shore
Until I'm shipwrecked and helpless and begging for more

Kyla just one touch sends shivers up my spine
Kyla use me up and hang me out to dry
Kyla if my mouth is open you know why
With this devine inspiration I promise Kyla I'm gonna take my time

When the night has come
And the stars all shine
Got something for you
It's hard to describe

Kyla child of mystery, temptress of the deep
Kyla wake me just to lull me back to sleep
Kyla lay me down my soul for you to keep
I know that falling in love is such a foolish thing but I believe

© 2002 Corry Hanna

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