From Corry Hanna - "Old Road Gone"

Island in the Sky

Empires rise and fall, nations pass away with time
Cities crumble but a decent planet's hard to find
And if that isn't so, then you tell me
I'll pack my things and go

The Easter Islanders cut down every living tree
And carved great images, so their gods could be appeased
Oh, what fools they were, you might say
So different from today

Island In The Sky, light years from another breath of air
Island In The Sky, we take all that you give
And carry on as if we had a spare


We're spinning 'round and 'round, on our planet of the blues
Maybe that explains why our thinking's so confused
And if that isn't so, then you tell me
I just want to know

Island In The Sky, the only source of water that we know
Island In The Sky, if we let it slip away
Where on earth are we supposed to go?

© 2002 Corry Hanna

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