From Corry Hanna - "Old Road Gone"

Electric Babylon

What else is between ads for new cars
Around the dial.....coke ads by greasy pop stars
I can see right through your corporate face
Into your button-down mind
Sell your own children for five bucks in change
'Long as your ratings are high

Electric Babylon
Rattle on
Truth is gone
Drop a bomb

What else is on.....cops fighting crime on the streets
We're in the car.....looking for someone to beat
Sailing the airwaves on ships made of cash
Dream pirates plan telecide
How you and when you and what you will see
Culture floats in on the tide

(repeat chorus)

All the news that's fit for good little sheep
Gladiator games we cheer in our sleep
Evangelistic sitcom primetime repeat
We'll be right back right after this


What else is on....flickering red green and blue
It's the home team....doing what we always do
Set up some dictator, sell him some guns
Play on his power and greed
When he won't play ball send in the marines
I'd rather watch empty-v

(repeat chorus)

© 2002 Corry Hanna

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