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      I was born at a very young age.. My first ambition was to be a cartoonist. Actually, my first ambition was to be a cowboy. Then a cartoonist. Then the Beatles happened and everything changed. I would get a drumstick, and keep a beat to the records on the head of my dad's banjo (I wasn't supposed to). There was a guitar hanging around the house which my aunt had found in a garbage can and given to my dad, and I began fooling around with it, teaching myself chords from a Nick Manoloff instruction book.  I was enrolled in group guitar lessons, which to my disappointment, were for the Hawaiian (lap) steel guitar.

    Turned out it was a good introduction to some of the basics of music and notation. I switched to "regular" guitar and wrote my first song at age 11. Don't ask. First band at 13. At 15 I was beginning to incorporate some of the jazz chords I was learning into my songs. Discovered Joni Mitchell and Billie Holiday, dug Pink Floyd and Dan Hicks.
  By age 16 I was in a little band, "Caught In The Act", playing what would now be called "unplugged", doing rock & roll, a bit of folk and jazz, and some of my originals. Played around the (SF Bay) peninsula wherever they would have us. Went to a bunch of concerts. Then I escaped to the country, went to the top of a mountain to get a better view, and decided to set up camp and wait for the digital revolution, which would give the tools of professional sound recording to the masses. Kept writing songs. Reckon I've got a pile of 'em, now.

    I produced a comedy radio show called "The Remote Bros. Comedy Hour" for
5 1/2 years in the 90's for KMUD-FM. Some of the people that contributed to the show: Weird Al Yankovic, Flip Wilson, Wavy Gravy, Father Guido Sarducci, members of The Firesign Theatre.
I wrote a bunch of comedy material, too. I engineered and co-produced an album, "Both of Me" for renowned fingerstyle guitarist and "Acoustic Guitar" columnist Dale Miller.   I've done gigs sharing the bill with David Crosby, Los Lobos, John Trudell, String Cheese Incident, Jorma Kaukonen, JJ Cale, and Richie Havens.  And I've just-finally!-finished my first CD of all original songs.

More to come . . .        

Corry 6-11-2002

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